Heart to Heart (NATA News, November 2012)

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“The role of cardiovascular screening in athletics is highly debated today. Preparticipation screening is widely practiced, but universal agreement is lacking. Complex issues remain regarding feasibility, interpretation of false positive results, cost-effectiveness, and physician and health system infrastructure… medical history is necessary and in cases of younger athletes should be completed by the parents or guardians in order to help ensure correct information…

We have utilized both 12-lead ECG and echocardiogram screening with student-athletes at the University of Georgia as part of our preparticipation physical examination since 1995. While our incidence of cardiac abnormalities has been very low, we have discovered abnormalities, including potentially fatal arrhythmias (i.e. Long QT Syndrome). While the argument can be made that cardiac screening may not be a cost-effective screening tool, we have found it to be especially helpful in cardiac screening of student athletes.

It should be emphasized that preparticipation screening will not detect all cardiac abnormalities…”

For the entire article from November’s NATA News, please click below.

Heart to Heart

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Optimizing the Preparticipation Cardiac Screen (NATA News, November 2012)

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“Sudden cardiac death (SCD) among athletes has considerable emotional impact on families, teams and communities. Although relatively rare, the high-profile nature of these events often results in a renewed public demand for effective preparticipation cardiac screening (PCS). In an effort to minimize such incidents, NATA has recently released a position statement regarding the prevention of sudden death in sports, including cardiac screening. As an integral member of the sports medicine team who often coordinates preparticipation evaluations, it is imperative athletic trainers understand the limitations of the current PCS, the debate surrounding its components and the methods by which it can be optimized…”

For the complete article by David McClaskey & Robert Bowers please view p. 12-14 of November’s NATA News (attached below).

Optimizing Cardiac Screen

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