Youth Baseball Recommendations

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The following are risk factors for injury in youth baseball:

1. Throwing the breaking ball at an early age

2. Throwing too many pitches per game or innings per week

3. Participation in more than one youth baseball league simultaneously

4. Participation in year-round baseball

5. Poor pitching mechanics

6. Poor practice and conditioning habits due to substandard coaching practices

7. Genetic makeup not optimal for baseball participation

The following are recommendations regarding youth baseball pitching:

1. Age to begin throwing curveball: 14.5 years old

2. Age to begin throwing slider: 18 years old

3. Age to begin throwing changeup (not considered any more stressful on the arm than the fastball): 11-12 years old, or when sufficient velocity and control are developed with the fastball

4. Maximum pitches per game

  • Ages 8-10: 50 pitches
  • Ages 11-14: 75 pitches
  • Ages 15-18: 90-100 pitches

5. Maximum innings per week

  • Ages 14 and under: 6 innings
  • Through high school: 10 innings


9-10 year old:





11-12 year old:





13-14 year old:





So what is a parent to do?  Here are some items to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your child is physically fit to pitch by building up their throwing intensity and pitch volume prior to the season
  • Have your son or daughter warm up before pitching
  • Follow pitch count and recovery guidelines – monitor your kid’s pitch count
  • Monitor your child’s well being by asking them how they are feeling
  • Teach your child that it is okay to stop/rest if pain is occurring
  • Avoid “showcases,” multiple simultaneous leagues, and multiple “same game’ pitching appearances
  • Do not allow your child to participate in organized baseball for more than nine months in any year

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Wrist Taping with Jen Hall

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Jen Hall teaches the United Volleyball 15 National Team how to best tape their wrists to prevent injury. Want to learn the best way to tape up your wrists? Watch the video below:

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Dr. Galland Scholarship Video – Sherri Smith

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Dr. Mark Galland, a physician at Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina (OSNC), has awarded Wake Forest Rolesville High School graduate Sherri Smith a scholarship in the amount of $1000. The scholarship was presented on July 23 to the incoming North Carolina State University freshman at OSNCs Wake Forest office, located at 847 Wake Forest Business Park in Suite 202.

Galland, who currently serves as the Wake Forest Rolesville team physician and orthopaedic consultant, chose to award Smith because she demonstrated aptitude and interest in pursuing a career in sports medicine or a health-related field.

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