The Relationship Between ACL Injuries and Physical Fitness…

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While “several physiological and physical variables, such as muscle strength, aerobic and anaerobic power, coordination, flexibility and the ability to sustain stress, are required (for physical activities/ exercise). Carter and Micheli stated in their review that poor physical fitness in youth athletes is a risk factor for sports-related injuries”

“This study contributes to the current knowledge of physical fitness as a modifiable ACL injury risk factor by identifying one main risk factor in young ski racers: core strength deficit. Coaches must understand the importance of core training and the strength and neuromuscular aspects of core training. The current findings provide evidence that the ACL injury risk was greater in female…”

For more information or to read the entire British Journal of Sports Medicine article by Christian Raschner, Hans-Peter Platzer, Carson Patterson, Inge Werner, Reinhard Huber, and Carolin Hildebrandt please click below.

skiier article

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