Optimal Hamstring Treatment Still a Mystery

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“Despite the high rate of hamstring injuries, there is no consensus on their management, with a large number of different interventions being used. Recently several new injection therapies have been introduced.”

Hamstring Article

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One Comment to “Optimal Hamstring Treatment Still a Mystery”

  1. Unflappable Will Says:

    Dear Dr. Galland,

    This is a very interesting post. I agree that some new injection therapies although not produced from high quality studies show promise for acute treatment of these nagging injuries. Additional data derived from NFL players show underlying vitamin d deficiency as another possible unrecognized culprit predisposing players to debilitating muscle injuries, so this should also be investigated. NSAIDs have also been found useful, however not in the acute phase, but after 10-14 days for brief period. Thanks for the post!!

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