Derek Rose and Mariano Rivera

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dr mark galland ‏ @drmarkgalland:
Mariano Rivera greatestcloser ever. Derek Rose one of the best in the game. Hoping to see them both back in uniform again soon. Double Bundle ACL reconstruction can make it happen for both. Best wishes.

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Boston’s Ellsbury likely to Miss Significant Time With Shoulder Injury

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Jacoby Ellsbury, superstar CF for the Boston Red Sox, injured his Right (throwing) Shoulder this week while sliding into 2B.  Reports suggest that he suffered a “subluxation” of the shoulder.  A subluxation is a “partial dislocation.”  This means that the “ball” of the the shoulder partially slid out of the “socket” and quickly back into place.  In comparison to a true dislocation, there is usually minimal, if any permanent damage–but only an MRI can provide the true picture.  Details regarding the MRI results were not made public, except “findings were consistent with a subluxation.”  Pretty vague, but i interpret that as meaning that there was no structural damage.  With appropriate rest and rehab, JE could start swinging the bat as quickly as 3-4 weeks, but the timetable differs for each individual athlete.  JE does not have a history of being a “fast healer,” so sox nation will likely hold its collective breath awaiting his return, and hoping for a continuation of the recently displayed offensive firepower by the remainder of the lineup.

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New article: All About ACLs

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Check out this article (PDF link) for insight on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, and how ACL treatments have evolved.

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